Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shutting down my blog

Well it isn't like I've blogged that much in the past few months anyway, but I have to officially shut this thing down.  I just accepted a teaching job at a high school, something I was convinced I would NOT be doing this year....but it was just too tempting to pass up.  I am going in after the year has started, I haven't ever taught high school, and I will have three preps, and still have my kids at home, and I think I am having a panic attack just typing this!!  So I will be BUSY!  But that isn't why I am shutting this thing down.  I don't want those kids googling me and reading all the embarrassing stuff I've written about myself!  I could go back and delete all those posts and only write non-embarrassing things but then I wouldn't have any posts left or anything to write about.  So I am hanging it up!  Thank you to everyone who read my blog, encouraged me, made me laugh, and became my online support system.  Love to you all and thank you!!