About Me

I am a recovering carb addict.  I spent the first 20 years of my life eating lots of potatoes, Kraft Mac and Cheese, and Wonder Bread.  Do I even need to mention that I was a bit "chunky"??  The summer before my Junior year of college I decided that I was going to run 5 miles.  It took a whole summer of 5am wake ups to get there, but I got there. 

In May of 2002, I ran my first 10K (Bolder Boulder) and then stopped running.  A knee injury, a doctor's warning, and a lot of excuses had me sidelined for 8 years!!  Two pregnancies (and several dozen jars of Jiff) left me a whopping 80lbs overweight!  Yikes!  I began cycling and last year I started running again.  I also (kinda) learned to swim.  Bye-bye 75 lbs (that last five-ish pounds refuses to go....probably because I feed it so well).

Even though I am completely unqualified, I became a stay at home mom to my two kiddos.  I am hopeless at all things domestic and I will do anything to avoid housework.  Martha Stewart I am not, but I do love hanging with the kids and taking advantage of our obscene amount of annual passes.  When taking field trips with the kids, going to the gym and facebook weren't taking up enough of my time, I started this blog.  Also, not qualified to do that.  I love using these( ) and these.....  I have no idea where to put commas and I love run on sentences.  I am pretty sure I am underusing the semicolon.  So basically, if you a sensitive to grammar abuse, this is not a blog for you.  But it keeps me from dusting so I would say that it has been well worth my time. 

I love to run, cycle, and live an active life!  I also love to race.  Is it  the competition or the carbo loading?  Let's just say it is a bit of both!

I can be contacted at katieanneschmidt@aol.com