Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things- The March Edition

Thing that took me away from blogging for a couple of weeks (again!):
This looks like I was just relaxing for a couple weeks, but actually I was planning for other people to relax.  I was in charge of planning Spa Day for my MOPS group.  It doesn't sound like it is a lot of work...that is why I said I would do it.  But actually it was so much work.  But worth it.  I will try to be a better blogger now, but really that isn't very likely.
Thing I just got:
Okay, so it wasn't the jeweled kind...but it probably cost as much.  Stupid cracked tooth.
Thing my daughter just got:
Right before age 3, my daughter gets her first pair of glasses.  That has my gene pool written all over it.

Thing that I need to fill out ASAP:
Any other March Madness fans out there??  Love it!
Thing I am wagering on the bracket:
Hey big spender!!!
Thing I am never going to see again:
I have the worst luck.  You wanna know who to pick??  I'll send you my bracket and just do the opposite thing.
Thing I am probably having next Friday:
I'm becoming the Bionic just kidding, I am thinking about having LASIK surgery.  Looks totally gross...hmm, I'm starting to have second thoughts.  Actually, I was all ready for it but my husband is having a bit of sticker shock so we'll see if it really happens.
Thing I have to wear until then:

Boo!  I hate wearing my glasses.  And I can only imagine how running in them will be.  Blah!  Oh and my daughter took this picture.  I should have taken a better one but I was too lazy.  At least it is better than the picture she took of my husband:

It cracks me up and scares me.  He would be pretty mad if he found out I used in on my blog.  Since he doesn't read it he'll never know...Mwahahahaha!!!
Thing I got addicted to:
Who knew early 20th century Brits could be so entertaining??  If you haven't watched it, I totally suggest it!!  And Maggie Smith, as always, is divine!
Thing I just finished reading:
I would recommend this book with a warning.  The first 30% drags on because it is all background and no plot.  The last 70% I devoured.  It was a crazy story and I couldn't stop thinking about it for a little while after.  Plod through the first part and I think you will be happy you did. 
Thing I just started reading:
What should I read??  I'm stuck!
Thing that hasn't moved since my wetsuit incident:
I'm pretty sure I'm broken.
Thing I didn't get any of last night:
In case you are wondering, the perfect combination for no sleep is as follows: 1 very sick son (pneumonia), 1 dog sick from/hopped up on stolen chocolate (I will let you guess which dog that was), and coughing attacks from yourself.  By the way, pediatric cough medicine with codeine will work on adults.  There is a chance I stole some from my very sick son....which sounds so horrible when I type it out.  In my defense, I was/am very tired. 
Thing I have to say good-bye to this month:
My best friend, Susan, is moving to Alaska at the end of the month.  I cannot even begin to tell you how sad I am.  She will be neonatologist extraordinaire at an Anchorage hospital.  It is suppose to be for three years...but you never know...Joel stayed in Cicely a lot longer than he was suppose to.
From the Urban Assault ride last year
Thing my husband and I decided to do this June:
We are thinking of going on a Caribbean cruise.  Any suggestions on cruise lines, destinations, etc??

Thing I can't stand:
These new captchas on blogger are horrible.  They are impossible to read and really long.  I know others have complained about them and I will too.  Please, I implore you, disable your captcha for comments.  I don't have one and I have never, ever gotten spammed!  Oh wait, I think I just jinxed myself.
What things do you have going on?

Quick, who do you have going all the way this year??  I need help!

Suggestions on books, cruises, laser eye surgery (I read all the comments on Miss Zippy's blog so that helped).