Thursday, March 31, 2011

4 miles and little lambs

This week is spring break for Mason so we have been trying keep ourselves pretty busy with activities. Today we had plans to go to the Littleton Historical Museum to check out the farm animals, especially the nine baby lambs.  We were meeting my friend Jen and her two cute boys Ethan and little baby Owen.  But before we could get down on the farm I had a bit of running to do at the gym.

Yesterday was weights and swimming so today was more running, running, running.  As I get closer to race day my short runs are starting to get longer.  On Tuesday I ran 5 miles with hills so today on the treadmill I would do a flat but faster 4.  My goal for the run was to start at 6.3 mph and go up from there.  After a half mile I increased my speed to 6.4 then 6.5 and the last half mile was at 6.6 mph.  Hey, those intervals are paying off!  Four miles later I was feeling great, sweaty, and ready to see some baby lambs!

A quick Starbucks run (Coco Cappuccino for me and scones for the kids) and then we were off for the morning adventures.  Although it was a windy day, it was a great little outing.  We enjoyed seeing a cow obsessively try to lick the snot from its nose.  Emmy enjoyed saying hello to all the animals.  "Hello Chickens, Hello Cow, Hello Cock (that is peacock and I think we should work on her saying the WHOLE word).  The baby lambs were adorable.  Little, fluffy, sleeping balls of wool.

Maybe it was seeing the baby lambs or cute little Owen, but I started feeling sentimental about the fact that I no longer had a baby.  Here were my two kids growing up so fast.  2 and 4!  How did that happen??  Did I make the right decision to not have anymore babies??  We got in the car to head home and my two lovely children screamed the whole way.  Yup, I made the right decision.  Two is all this momma can handle!

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