Monday, March 28, 2011

Long Run

Last week was a total bust for workouts!  And really for everything else.  It was attack of the stomach bug!  While Mason got over it in a day, I was down and out until Saturday morning!  Ugh!  And I have to say this wasn't the best week for this to happen.  The kids' party was planned for Saturday afternoon and it was touch and go on whether we were going to have to call everyone and cancel.  Thankful I woke up Saturday feeling much better (but not great).  I became a whirlwind and tried to get the house cleaned, decorated, and ready for the party.  Somehow we managed to get it done and had a great party!  The kids had a great time and so did Kevin and I!  Phew, that is over until next year.

When Sunday morning rolled around I wasn't quite sure if I'd be able to do my long run.  According to my schedule I needed to run 9 miles.  9 miles, ugh, I wasn't sure.  I hadn't done any physical activity in 4 days, still feeling a little off from being sick, plus the weather kept threatening to turn ugly.  Should I just call it three strikes and toss the sneakers back in the closet?  But then the thought of me bonking during the race or walking the last few miles started nagging me.  No, I made a commitment to complete this half marathon and I needed to stay on schedule.  Dang my dad for reading me "Horton Hatches an Egg" repeatedly!  I meant what I said and I said what I meant so I laced up my shoes 100%.

The original plan for this run was to go to the Mary Carter Trail because it is nice and flaaaat.  Which, is hard to find around here.  I ran hills last weekend for my long run and it was killer.  I wasn't wanting to do that again.  But the weather and my fear that I physically wouldn't be able to do it kept me close to home.  Close to home means hills, lots and lots of hills.  It is two loops: uphill, downhill, uphill, downhill, and then around the block to finish it up.  The first time I go uphill I feel great.  The second time?   Well I am pretty sure my heart is going to explode.  So, I had in the back of my mind that if I wasn't feeling up to it I could just do one loop.

Kevin and the kids went up to his parents and I started to get ready to head out the door.  Water bottles filled (this time 2 had water and 2 had Gatorade), ipod on, and time to do this thing.  To my surprise it was a great run!  9 miles with hill in 90 minutes (which is good for me).  Maybe the days off did me some good, maybe it was having Gatorade as well as water.  Who knows?  But after the first loop was over I knew I could keep going.   When the second loop was over I was feeling the second set of hills, but felt substantially better than the previous week.  I also felt confident that I could do that last mile around the block.  And I did it!  I am so glad that I pushed through and got it done.  I am just that much closer to my goal and that feels great!

Today's Training
Full body Strength Training
No swimming (pool was closed)

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