Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why Blog?

It seems like this day in age everyone is blogging about something.  I have never been that interested in starting a blog because a) I'm not a writer and b) I'm really not that interesting!  I do not have a glamorous or drama filled life which I am really happy with, but it doesn't make for good reading right?  So why start a blog now?  Well, I actually have a couple reasons to start this blog.  The first reason is to write stuff about my life as a mom.  Pretty soon I will be back at work and it will be nice to go back and read about the time I got to spend with my kids (the good, the bad, and the poopy).  Also, there is something therapeutic about writing down the things you feel.  Even if nobody is reading it is still cathartic to write it down and put it out there.  I also train for races from time to time and it is nice to keep myself accountable through the blog.  It will be harder to blow off training when I know I am writing about it.  So...here I go!

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