Friday, July 8, 2011

Confessions from an addict

I am realizing I might have a bit of an addiction.  I think I hold back a little because of the cost, but if money wasn't an object, I know I would do it all the time.  Hi, my name is Katie, and I am a race-aholic.

I guess it could be worse.  I could be addicted to crack or online gambling.  As far as addictions go, I suppose it is a rather healthy one.  But I am realizing that I scour the internet looking for upcoming events I could try.  And in true addict fashion I have added two more races to my calendar: The Denver Rock and Roll Half Marathon (10/9) and the Urban Assault Ride (7/24).  And of course I am still training for Tri for the Cure (8/7).  See, I have a problem.

I am really excited for the Urban Assault Ride because it just sounds too fun.  My bestie and I are going to tackle this one together.  You have teams of two, who ride around on bicycles, solving clues and completing obstacles.  Um, awesome!  I have no idea how I could even train for this, so it will be purely for kicks.  I know Susan and I will have a great time.

My husband likes to remind me that I (constantly) complained about Half Marathon training.  I know, I know, I whined. . .a lot.  But at the end of the race I was so happy that I had done it.  To be honest I was looking at doing the full marathon, but decided I wasn't there yet.  My friend Audrey asked if I wanted to do the half with her and well I just couldn't say no.  Of course I said yes ( I told you.  I have a problem)!!  I am really excited about it and I will start training soon.  My goal this time is under 2 hours. . .but we will see!

I am also training for Tri for the Cure which complicates half marathon training. . .or maybe it is the other way around.  I should say "training" because I haven't been doing bricks, open water swims, or really even riding very often.  The race is a month away and I really need to get on it!  But training for both events means I need to do at least one brick a week and one long run.  So. . .that is just kind of a lot.  My goal time for this race is under 1:30. 

To top it all off I did a race today.  But this was a virtual race which is great for two reasons.  1) I didn't have to drive anywhere and find parking.  2) No entry fee!  And a chance to win prizes!  I did this through Let's Move it Momma's blog.  She had a lot of great sponsors and I am crossing my fingers that I win something (especially because it isn't based on your time.  Now that is a race I can get behind).  I have been having issues with the treadmill so I mapped out a 5K route on and it just so happened that three times around the block was 5K.  My time was 26:45 (8:37 min miles).  Not my best time ever, but still ok for me.  Here is the map and some pictures to go with it.

Official time from the heart rate monitor
Running to the finish line with Mason

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