Saturday, July 16, 2011

An underwater sort of day

Friday was aqua day at the Schmidt house.  

It started out with my second open water swim (eek!!).  I opted for a swim at Bear Creek Lake.  It is cheaper and the water is more clear than Grant Ranch.  On the downside, you are on your own and there are no buoy markers.  Plus you can't swim out across the lake, but that is kinda a plus for me right now (baby steps, baby steps!!).

The beach was deserted when I got there because it was 8am.  The beach goers usually wait for it to warm up a bit (which is what I should have done).  When I got to water I noticed that there was one guy swimming along the beach and he had a wetsuit.  He was smart because guess what, the water was freeeeezing.  I don't own a wet suit because they are really expensive to buy. . .even used.  Triathlon gear starts to get expensive after awhile and I know I will be fine without one on race day.  It is just hard to continually cough up the dough.  So alas I freeze from time to time.

Wetsuit dude got out right when I got in.  It was just me and the fish.  I eased my way in and immediately began to talk myself into this whole thing.  I looked in the water (nice and clear) and started out slow.  I stayed close to the rope and swam back and forth a few times.  I did much better than my first time out!  I front crawled, had pretty good form, and was getting somewhat comfortable.  Then I started getting hypothermia.  I called it a morning and went home to the kiddos.

To continue with the water theme we headed to the Downtown Aquarium.  Maybe seeing fish would encourage me to become one?  The kids and I had a great time (much better than my frosty swim).  We saw the fish and other assorted creatures.  I got to hear my kids tell an elderly gentleman that the bird he was talking about was not a parrot, it is a called a macaw (can you tell mom was a science teacher!).  We had lunch, played, and rode the train.  It was a great day and a reminder that I need to get in that open water more!

Some more pictures of our aquatic adventures:

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