Friday, October 7, 2011

Good News/Bad News

Good News- I've been getting carded a lot lately and this makes anyone in their 30's feel good.  Bad News- I think it is because I am breaking out like a 14 year old boy.  Getting zits and getting wrinkles should be mutually exclusive events.

Good News- It looks like I will be taking a trip to Alaska in the next year or two.  I have always wanted to go (in summer!) and it looks like that will be happening!  Bad News- I will be visiting Alaska because my best friend was just offered a job there.  I am so very sad she will be leaving.  If anyone knows of a Denver area hospital in need of a Neonatologist, email me stat so I can keep her here!!!
Hoping to see something like this when I go...but from far away.  I am not wanting to put "mauled by a bear" on my resume.

Good News- I am going to pick up my race stuff today for the Denver Rock n Roll Marathon!  Bad News- The weather forecast is currently showing a rain/ snow mix for Sunday morning.  My last 1/2 marathon was May 15th and there was an identical forecast for that day.  What kind of luck do I have?!  Only in Denver will you have a forecast of snow for a mid May and an early October race.

Good News- Kevin has to put both kids to bed tonight because I will be at the Race Expo!  Bad News- Um, none.  This is just good news...well I guess good news for me!

Good News- I have survived two months of potty training.  Bad news- It has been two months and we are still "potty training" and not "potty trained."  Large reward for anyone who can get my daughter to poop on the potty.   

Good News- The Halloween costumes came in the mail today!!!  Bad news- Emerson's is a little big.
Besides obsessively checking the weather, I am enjoying getting ready to race on Sunday!  It will be my friend Audrey's first half marathon and I am really excited for her.  Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!


  1. I'm laughing out loud about how your husband putting the kids to bed....has no downside to it whatsoever. That's how I feel. Tuesdays are my night shift at work and I always look forward to the break from bedtime. Does that sound horrible?

    GOOD LUCK on Sunday. And you KNOW that forecast can change on a dime. They've been saying rain for two days up here and it ain't rained a single drop.

  2. Ha - I have no idea what I'm going to do when my kids are ready to potty train.

    Give your friend a hug for me, as a former NICU mom, I loved my neonatologists.

    Good luck on the race - can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Em has been potty training for 4 months!!! I swear I would give a big bear hug to anyone who could get her to tell me she has to use the potty BEFORE it is running down her leg!!

    Good luck on the race!!! Stinky weather fore cast but you are going to rock it!!

  4. I'm still avoiding potty training with my youngest...argh!

    SERIOUSLY when I turned 30, I broke out like crazy too, all over my chin and forehead, like a 12 year old! Strange. Seems like I still break-out from time to time and I'm almost 32 :(

  5. To cute.....the only way I finally broke my youngest potty training was each time she went to the potty she got to put a sticker on a pretty poster board we made. When she filled the poster board up she got a BIG surprise. By then, she should be potty TRAINED!!