Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Fall Baking Spree

I usually don't share recipes on my blog because I am a horrendous cook.  No really, I am not very good at it and I don't enjoy it.  Standing in front of a stove stirring a big pot of...whatever it is people cook, does not fill me with joy.  But baking!  Oh I view baking as a whole other entity.  I love to bake, I always have, and I believe I always will.

There is something about this time of year that really gets me in the baking mood.  Is it the crisp weather?  The vestigial impulse to store food (on my hips) for the winter?  Who knows, but when the temperature dips I turn on the oven, gather my little chefs, and start baking. 

Here are two thing that I made this week.  Neither one is low calorie so enjoy sparingly!

Homemade Granola Bars
My sister found this recipe and made it with my kids.  Since then it has become a family favorite.  Here is a link to the original recipe: here.  I used more peanut butter and only used half the suggested amount of butter.  I also use a whole egg and not just the egg white.  A few pictures of Emmy and me making them. 

Yeah, she is only wearing an apron.  Life has been interesting since she learned to take her clothes off.  Something you fight and some you don't.
A few of the ingredients you will need
Who needs a Kitchen Aid when you have a 2 year old!  I had her rub my feet when she was done with the cooking.
And I have no picture of the finished product!!  But they are really good.  They are even picky eater approved!

Snowy Day Cinnamon Rolls
Kevin's mom has Pavlov-ed me into wanting cinnamon rolls every time it snows.  She used to bring us cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate when it would snow (she did this for Kevin and his sister growing up).  Now I make them and I have Pavlov-ed my kids to want them when it snows.  So this morning when we woke up and saw this out our window:
Okay, it wasn't actually this bad.  It was a light dusting that has now turned to rain.....but in my Southern Californian opinion, any snow is a blizzard.
Mason asked for cinnamon rolls.  The recipe is easy.  Get a box of Biscuit and follow the instructions for biscuits.  Then roll them out:
 Next, spread copious amounts of butter on the dough....then double that amount....and then add some more.  Channel your inner Paula Deen.
Repeat the last step with the sugar and cinnamon.
Roll and cut:
Cook and enjoy!
I think I will continue the baking spree with a brownie recipe that Terzah sent me and these recipes from Marissa at Let's Move it Mammas.  They are all more healthy than the ones I posted and they look delicious!!  I am glad this is my last day of tapering.  As much as I enjoy baking, I am looking forward to getting back to burning calories instead of baking them!


  1. OK, I am DROOLING over those cinnamon rolls. Funny, even though it's close to 80's this weekend, I have the same Fall baking calling :) Enjoy!

    And OMG, your Emmy is precious!

  2. Yum... and I never knew cinnamon rolls were so easy! C'mon snow!

    Ugh - nevermind. No matter how good the rolls look, my shivering Wisconsin heart just can't wish for snow. :)

  3. Snow on the Flatirons! You know, I'm no baker (I leave that to the husband), but you have me wanting cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate too. Let me know how the brownies turn out.

    And GOOD LUCK tomorrow. I know you're from So Cal, but this weather is truly perfect.

  4. Those granola bars sound fantastic. I must ignore the cinnamon rolls b/c they sound too good and too evil!

    Hope you had a great race.

  5. Those look amazing! Oh and I LOVE the Paula Deen quote....I am also TERRIBLE in the kitchen....sadly I do not have a cute 2 year old to help me....

    Get Up & Go

  6. it looks so good! i almost started to cry when i saw the snow! why can we have 3 months of snow until winter!

  7. Yum! I will be trying both of these recipes...thank you, from one horrible cook to another :)

  8. Homemade granola bars are the best however you should not use JIF peanut butter as it contains a bunch of hydrogenated oils that are so bad for you.
    Get instead an organic one and look at the ingredients: peanut butter should consist of only peanuts and salt, nothing else!
    I've posted a recipe of flaxseed granola bars on my blog, check it out, it's delicious and super healthy!