Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Seeking Professional Help

I am biting the bullet, forking over my co-pay, and seeking the advice of a trained professional (for my foot, not my head).  It has been over a week and my foot is still in pain.  It is not so bad that I can't walk on it, but it is unbearable to run on it, which, in my opinion, is diminishing my quality of life.  While I feel some of my symptoms resemble PF, somethings don't fit.  I think at this point the wise thing would be to switch my self diagnosis with a real one.  Hopefully this will put me on the road to recovery and then put me back on the road (or treadmill).

Fortunately, my time off from running has not been time off from exercise.  I have been weight training, cycling, swimming, and yesterday I conquered the giant, scary stair machine at the gym.  I have heard a lot of people say they are afraid that they will fall off the treadmill.  That I don't fear anymore, but falling off the giant, scary stair machine...yeah I am really worried about that.  I have a long history with stairs...and gravity.  But man is that a good workout!  Although I am glad this injury has made me diversify, I do miss running and it has only been a week.  I am having empathy on a whole new level for those who have been dealing with long term injuries.

In my quest to diversify I have been slowly warming to trying an exercise I have avoided like the plague.  Over the past several months (especially the past week) the idea of yoga has been entering my mind.  I have heard over and over again, "you know, you really should do yoga."  Ugh!  I know I should probably do it, but I am a yoga-phobic.  I am so afraid I am going to walk into class and be asked to do this:
I mean, is touching your toes even possible??  I am obviously not flexible, I don't stretch, and I think it would serve me well to add yoga to my repertoire.  I need to just take the plunge and go to a class.  But I swear if I walk in and see this:
I don't care how bad my foot hurts, I will run for my life!!

Anyone else afraid of equipment at the gym??

What do you think, yea or nay on the yoga?  Someone please say it is awful and I shouldn't do it!


  1. Sorry...as my sports injury specialist told me..."if you're going to keep running, you NEED to do yoga".
    Now...I haven't exactly taken her advice, but I do stretch A. LOT! now.

  2. Yeah, I think yoga is awful, and I totally think you should do it. I've been to a few classes, and have had really mixed feelings... and I generally hate it, but I keep going back for more.

    The only time I have ever touched my toes was when I was drunk in college and I asked one of my roommates to push down on my back.. so yeah. I hate being around flexible people. :)

  3. If yoga will help you be flexible, it is worth the agony of going to a class. My adventure of gong to yoga ended when the teacher came over and said "what is wrong with you"? She noticed I was not very flexible but maybe I would be now if I had continued going to the class.

  4. I TOTALLY suck at yoga, but every once in a while pop in to a class at our gym at work. I am learning to hate it less. You will enjoy it if you find a class with a good teacher that you like. The one I take - every time I walk in there it feels like she is teaching to ME and somehow always seems to be the class I need for whatever ails me. I'm determined to make it once a week from now on (since my leg injury is likely due to lack of stretching). I also really like the P90X yoga video - ok love/hate it and hate/hated it the first few times I did it. It is HARD but a good work out and good for stretching/relaxing if you make it all the way through.

  5. I"m not sure I've EVER touched my toes. I'm actually trying slowly to get there.

    As for yoga, I'm not sure I'd last in a yoga session. My brain goes too fast and wants me to do 1208 other things in that timeframe.

  6. Too funny about that pose! I've done lots of yoga and have yet to see anyone bust out that move in any of my classes.

    I say go for it! Start with an "easy" class (i.e. NOT Ashtanga) and go from there. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much you enjoy it!

    If you have a Bikram's Yoga anywhere near you, I would totally do that. It's AMAZING. Torturous, yes. But it hurts sooooooooooo good.

  7. Yoga is freaking tough, I have great respect for people can do it

  8. Oh gosh....I totally spaced emailing you back. Will do that in a few minutes. So sorry, what a crazy week.

    I think Pilates is a little more beneficial for runners than yoga, but harder to do on your own. Maybe there's DVDs out there?!?

  9. Oh No, I hope your foot gets better soon. I love self-diagnosing myself, my husband gets so annoyed when I do.

    I tried yoga for the first time last week, and actually enjoyed it. For somebody who doesn't like to sit still ever it was refreshing. I've never stretched so much in my life. It was actually pretty hard and even in this beginner class there were people doing some crazy poses. I plan to go back but its hard to fit everything I want to do in. Ideally, I could do yoga twice a week, weight train and run but that ain't happening.

    Feel better soon.

  10. I really like yoga, but right now it's taking a back seat to other things. If you decide to do it, I'd start out with a rec center class or something else low-key as opposed to a fancy yoga-only studio. You'll be more likely to avoid the hard-core (literally) Colorado yoginis and others who see it as a religion rather than an exercise. That said, I think you'll like it if you try it. It's relaxing and a good antidote to running.

  11. That some hard core yoga! I have the "Big Bang" photo


  12. There's a brick wall behind the treadmills at the gym and I'm always afraid that I'm gonna fly off the back and hit the wall. No questions asked, it would be painful!

    I've done yoga about 3 times and I LOVE IT but I have three kids and it's all I can do to just get in my regular routine and running and swimming without feeling horribly guilty about adding another activity. Now, the last class I was in, I saw some crazy, strange people and lots of farting. Don't know why, but it happened. The room is quiet and that makes it worse!

  13. I love yoga!! But I will admit to being terrified of the free weight section at the gym. It's such a meat market!

  14. I haven't read through ALL your comments here but I'm thinking the consensus is to start loving yoga!! While I luuuuurve yoga, I love pilates more, so check them both out and go from there!

    PS: Thanks for following!! I'm following you, too, now:)

  15. It has been about a good month and a half since my last run, I too have a foot injury. I am dying to get back into it, and my foot seems to be getting stronger...good luck girl!