Monday, June 13, 2011

The good, the bad, and the hung over

The Foothills Feat Mini Tri was this morning.  Aye, aye, aye.  I guess I will begin with the hung over part.

At the wedding
I am going to admit I was a bit hung over this morning.  Before you judge, I would like to clarify two things.  1) I do not suggest drinking the night before a triathlon.  Those two things don't mix.  Carbo loading-yes.  Getting loaded- no.  2) I do not usually drink and this would be the reason that I was hung over.  I am not a daily, nor a weekly, and not really even a monthly imbiber.  I think I might have a total of 6 or 7 drinks a year.  So two (strong) drinks in one night really did me in.  Why, oh why would I indulge in such activity the night before a race?  Two reasons: wedding, no kids.  Enough said?  So in addition to having too much to drink, I was out late.  Let's just say 5am came way too early and I was having serious doubts as to whether or not I would even be able to make it to the course let alone finish the race.  Maybe I just should have stayed in bed but I don't really work that way.  A commitment was made and I was going to be there rain, shine, or blinding headache.

Pre-race:  One of the best things about this tri was its proximity to my house.  I live about 5 minutes away so I left at 5:50 to be at transition as it was opening.  It was a small tri (100 people) and parking was not a problem.  So far so good.  I set up my stuff and went to find out my swim wave time and get marked.  I stood in two very long lines and realized that there was no way this race was going to start on time (and I was right).  Once I got everything marked, including my age on my calf (really? shouldn't you be exempt from that after 30?), I went to the gym where I found my lane buddies.  We decided that I would go last and I also found out it would be a dry start (ugh).

Swim:  I felt really prepared for this swim.  I have been practicing and practicing.  I have been doing my 30 links of the pool to prepare for tri for the cure and this race was only 11.  Long gone where the days of the breast stroke.  I have been free styling it for months now.  I was going to rock this (even hung over).  I jumped in the pool when it was my turn and totally choked.  I was hyperventilating and I could not swim.  I was gasping for air and I was frantic.  What was going on???  I really thought I was going to have to get out of the pool and forfeit the tri.  I really didn't want to do that so I just started breast stroking, tried to get my heart rate and breathing more controlled, and hoped I could finish.  The guy ahead of me seemed to have trouble too and he really slowed me down (that is why I like open water better).  I was finally able to pass him and finish the swim.  I was so disappointed with my performance but glad that I stuck it out.  I ended up being just 30 seconds slower than my practice laps and was under my goal time.

Bike:  This used to be my best event.  However, this was my third bike ride of the year.  Also, and I know this defies the laws of physics, but this bike ride seemed to be all up hill.  It was a loop and so I know this can't be possible but I swear I went up a thousand of the steepest hills and went down a few almost flat downhills.  It was quite possibly the hardest bike ride of my life.  And it was only 11 miles!!!!!  Brutal!  I wanted to finish in under 40, but that didn't happen (just under 43).  I just feel bad for all the people I saw with mountain bikes.  I can't even imagine how hard the ride was for them!

Run:  I dilly dallied a little too much during my second transition.  I took too long putting on my running shoes, hat, and shirt.  Stopped a little too long for a drink.  In general I was in slow mo (2:21?  Really Katie?!).  I don't think I wanted to do anything after that bike ride.  But I was going to finish and I was going to run.  No quitting, no walking.  Plus the run was just 2.25 miles.  I could do it!  Since my tri training was totally lacking before this race I hadn't done any bricks (bike and then immediately run).  I had completely forgotten that jello feeling your legs get when you finish a hard ride and then run.  This was magnified by the fact that it started with a hill (another hill??).  After about a half mile I found my groove and finished with an eh time (22:07).  I had a faster pace during my half marathon, but oh well, I'll take it.  

Overall:  My total time including transitions was 1:15:46.  I was second in my division (although I do need to point out that there were only 5 people in my division.  Where are all the 30-34 year old women???)  I placed 12th for women and 26th overall. 

I really wish I had done a few things differently.  Like train more and not drink the night before.  But I am very glad I went and I finished because I wasn't sure I was going to be able to.  I also know that I need to work more on my swimming (no more freaking out in the water!!!!), and my biking, and my transitions, and my running.  Oh wait, I think that means I need to work on everything.  Time to get serious.  August 7th will be here before I know it (and I know what I will NOT be doing the night of August 6th!!).
View before the race.  You can see two hot air balloons in the sky
Emmy dressed up to attend the picture portion of the wedding.


  1. carb loading, not getting loaded...hahaha! HILARIOUS. At least you did it, I've wanted to complete one of those for years...seriously, years!

  2. I'd like you to know that John and I crashed at midnight with only one glass of champange pumping in our system. (Talk about being old...) Though, I'm glad to hear that you guys had such a great time! PS- Your children are amazing and I'm so glad they were there, even if it was just for pictures :)