Friday, June 3, 2011

Just me and the birds

I do not like the nightlife.  I do not like like to boogie.  I am the ever elusive, mythical morning person (I guess I do like to boogie, but I just do it early in the day!).

I was born a morning person and even in my teenage years I did not sleep-in (unless I was sick).  I have always prescribed to Ben Franklin's "early to bed early to rise" philosophy.  Up by 6 and in bed by 9 is my idea of a perfect day.  My children have inherited this trait from me and they are often up before the sun, which is sometimes a bit early for even me!  It can be a pain to wake to the Emmy alarm everyday, but overall I enjoy starting the day with the sun, sipping (sometimes gulping) coffee, and enjoying the crisp morning air.

In Colorado I have found that I am less of a morning person in the winter.  It is cold and I want to stay in bed!  But when the days get longer and the air (finally) gets warmer, I just hate to lay in bed wasting the day.  And an early morning summer run is my favorite.  It hasn't gotten hot yet, no one is out on the trails (although I did see some golfers at 6:30???), and it is just me and the birds.  Ahhh!  It is the best way to start a summer day!

I had about 40 minutes to fit in a run this morning before Kevin had to leave for work.  So I just did one loop in the neighborhood (4.25 miles).  It has some challenging hills and back in January it would take me 45 minutes (of course I had just come back from a month in California and my poor lungs were still adjusting to mile high air).  Today I did it in 36m17s!  A new PR!  I think even the birds were cheering for me.  I just love mornings!

I know I am in the minority on that sentiment so for you night owls, this cartoon is for you!


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