Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things you never knew you wanted for Christmas

It is that time of year again!!  The turkey, the tree, the lights, the endless marketing.  Ahh, tis the Christmas season and everyone is trying to win your almighty holiday dollar.  From now until Christmas we will bombarded with ads on TV, radio, the internet, and of course, the "shop at home catalog."

A couple of days ago something came in the mail claiming to be "America's Longest Running Catalog."  This is funny because I had never actually heard of them.  Hammacher Schlemmer?  Frankly, it sounded made up to me.  Hammacher Schlemmer's tagline is "Offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected."  Hmm, since my husband happens to be impossible to shop for I thought I would take a little browse through the pages of the famed catalog.  Who knew, maybe I would find the illusive "perfect gift" for the hubby.

Did I find it?  No, but I did see some pretty interesting things in there.  Let me introduce them to you just in case you want to add them to your Christmas List.

The Password Vault:
This thing stores all your passwords. A couple of questions: 1) Why don't you just use the same password for everything like I do.  Wait what, you aren't suppose to do that?  Oops.  2) Where do you store the password for your password vault?

The Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler:

I can see wanting this if you are in college, male, and currently living in a frat house.  Who else is buying this and why?  Has America really become this lazy?!

Authentic New York Hotdog Cart:

This is only $5,500.  You either need to eat a lot of hotdogs or be running an amusement park out of your backyard to make this thing worthwhile.  Again, I ask, who is buying this?

The Magic Wand Remote Control:
This remote control is both ridiculous and very confusing to use.  You have to learn to move it in certain ways to control different devices.  Is this for the Harry Potter enthusiast who is also a couch potato?

The Bionic Bopper Cars:
Okay, I can't lie, these actually look pretty cool.  I would totally play with them!  There is just one little problem.....they cost $17,000.  In our house we reserve $17,000 for actual cars, not bopper cars.

Heated Outdoor Cat House:

For the person who loves their cat....just not enough to let it in the house.

Pet's Personalized Six Pack:
For just $40 bucks you can get your dog their own six pack.  Because doesn't your dog deserve to crack one open after a long day laying on the couch licking themselves.  

20 Foot Animatronic Triceratops:
 I swear I am not making this one up.  For just a measly $350,000 you can have this animatronic Triceratops.  Can you take out a mortgage for a Christmas present?  Besides the insane price, I think I will pass since we all know what happened the last time my kids were around robotic dinosaurs.

There are so, so many others that you can check out here.  These gifts are so ridiculous...and I only want about half of them.  I mean who doesn't want their own Zoltar?  Or a flying car?!  Or a power nap capsule?!  Seriously!

You're welcome for all the great gift giving idea! Is this what I'm doing with all my non-running time? Why yes, yes it is!  Just kidding!  I am back at the gym and cheating by riding the exercise bike.  Plus I have found a whole lot of other exercises that do not, in anyway, involve the big toe.  I am not nearly the sad sack that I have been.  Only two more weeks in the ugly post-op shoe, which is fantastic because two people have asked me if I had bunion surgery.  Bunion surgery?! 

***Update- I just read Kim's post about ridiculous kid's toys from FAO Schwartz.  I think FAO and Hammacher are related.

Be honest, do you want one of these things?

What's on your Christmas list?