Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4 embarrassing things I desperately need to do

1. I need to get a hair cut!!  The evidence is below.  I don't actually remember the last time I got a hair cut.  I don't even remember how many children I had when I got my last hair cut.  It is possible that it took place during the Bush administration, but again this is just a guess.  If you look at the picture you might think that it either wasn't that long ago or I had shaved my head before growing it out.  Do not let the length of my hair fool you.  My hair tends to grow in the horizontal rather than vertical direction...which, by the way, is not a good thing. 

2.  Wax my eyebrows or people might start calling me Bert.

3.  Wax my stache or people might start calling me Burt.

4.  Clean out my car!  My car would never get this messy before kids, but right now it looks like a homeless man is living out of there.  Wait, that is not exactly correct.  It is like homeless children are living out of my car.  It could totally pass as the lost boys hang out.  If A&E does a spin off Hoarders-Automobile Edition, I might totally end up on it.  I have clothes, toys, trash, swim suits (!).  I am not going to lie it is kinda gross.  I mean this is in my car!  Really!

There is one redeeming thing about this though.  It is almost October so we could basically get blizzards at any time from now until June (so wish I was exaggerating or kidding).  I am pretty sure that the kids and I could live for weeks if we got trapped in there.  Hungry?  No problem (if smooshed and stale aren't issues).  See, that ice cream cone might be the difference between life and starvation.  Cold?  Please, we have enough clothes in there for ten people.  Potty?  Diapers and Pull-ups galore (unused, I am not that gross yet).  Heck, I even have flotation devices in there.

So, I can spin this one as having a disaster prepared car.  It is not messy, it is survival!

This has me thinking about how much I put off as a mom, particularly a mom that is training for an endurance event.  I feel like I have to pick and choose what I do with my kid free time, and more often than not the thing I choose is exercise.  So sometimes other things get left on the list.  That is just the way it is.  But maybe today I will take a little time to clean out the car....and wax.


  1. I just don't clean my house. At all. Except the toilet (that I can't stand otherwise). And if guests come, we'll do a blow-through. But otherwise....I have other priorities and it sounds like you do too. Woo hoo! Another one! :^)

  2. Ha, this is a funny post. My car used to be a disaster area too, but I'm trying to get better. My kids aren't old enough to mess it all up yet. :)

  3. Funny post - particularly like your references to Burt and Bert :)

    My car is shamelessly clean. I'll admit it. So, when our blizzard season arrives, I'll only have my heated seats to make me cozy. I could learn a lesson from your disaster-ready vehicle :)

  4. Oh wow! We've got way too much in common! I'm definitely a new follower!

  5. Thats cute! My car needs cleaning to.

  6. You sound like me before my race, except I shave, not wax. Car is still a mess though