Friday, September 16, 2011

If you post it, they will come

It is no secret that I only started this blog because I wanted to avoid housework and my husband was starting to glaze over every time I was talking to him about running.  I always joke that the only person reading my blog is my mom, but this actually isn't true because she doesn't even really read it!  So my stats, hits, whatever you want to call them are actually not that important to me.  I do from time to time check to see what they are.  You can also see what people googled to get to your blog and in doing this I have discovered the secret to bringing people to your blog.  This is (obviously) not a guarantee that they will become followers or that they will ever come back....but if you want to get them there at least once you need these three pictures:

This is secret number one.  People come to my blog dozens of times a day for this picture.  They basically just take it and leave, but I just took it from somewhere so really what am I going to say.  Who knew so many people wanted a diagram of muscles in their legs?  This picture has been visited over 330 times since July!  I know that is not a lot for some bloggers, but like I said it is basically mom out there for me! 

People in India love this picture for some reason.  So if you are looking to expand your Indian audience you can lure them to your blog with this picture.  It isn't as popular as Mr. Bowlegs above but still has almost 200 views.  Again, that is a lot for my rinky dink little blog.
The third most popular thing that brings people to the blog is this sun picture.
So there is my unsolicited free advice for increasing blog hits!!  Your welcome!


  1. Hilarious! I'm such a techni-dunce, I don't even know how to find this stuff out!

  2. Funny! I might have to use the muscle pic, too!

  3. ha too funny!! yes i started the blog when david started glazing over too :)

  4. how brilliant! I might borrow your sunshine and muscle pics :)

  5. They also like pictures of kids, puppies but are terrified of people in costumes. :-)

    I get most my hits from the words "spandex", "piranha" and "1980s"? Strange?!?


  6. I never knew, all i need is a pictures of legs, fish and a cartoon sun, pure brillant