Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why I mow the lawn

Sundays usually mean two things around my house: church and "lawn" mowing.  I say "lawn" because although it is green and covers the ground, it is mainly a mixture of thistles, other weeds, and crab grass.  Just in the backyard.  We might have been strongly persuaded by our HOA to re-sod the front yard.

I would like to say my yard doesn't look like this, but my yard kinda looks like this.

 Now I know that lawn mowing is traditionally seen as a husband duty, but I started doing it this year.  Kevin used to mow the lawn but he has really bad tendonitis  in both elbows.  Lawn mowing apparently aggravates know come to think of it this is starting to sound like a scam and I probably should have asked for a doctor's note.
It was either start mowing it myself or get one of these.

 Surprisingly, I actually don't mind mowing the lawn.  For one, although I love my husband, and he has many fine qualities, timely lawn mowing is not one of them.  He determined when to mow the lawn based on whether or not you could still see the rat dogs.  If Gidget and Bug started getting lost, then it was time.  I think a couple of times even Indy (the proper sized dog) got lost.  I can reference neighbors or numerous HOA notices if you think I am exaggerating.

Number two, mowing the lawn is a little fun and I have no idea why Kevin always puts it off.  You get outside, get a tan, and get some exercise.  It is pretty mindless manual labor and I find it kind of relaxing.  Push, turn, push, turn, dump bag, repeat.  I don't get what is so bad about that?  Laundry is way worse!

But the most important reason I mow the lawn is because it needs to get done.  Period.  Fortunately, I like to do it but even if I hated it, I would still do it.  The kids and dogs need the lawn mowed.  And the home owners association apparently needs it to be mowed too.  It's the same reason I do dishes and laundry.  I don't like doing that but I like wearing clean underwear and I like my husband to wear clean underwear too.

This is actually the same reason I exercise.  Don't get me wrong, I really love running, cycling, and swimming.  I am very fortunate that I have found exercises that I love doing, that I look forward to doing.  But the fact of the matter is, I work out because it needs to get done.  If I want to live the best life I can, if I want to be the best mom I can, the best wife I can, I need to be healthy.  Humans have discovered a lot of things but we have yet to discover a way to be healthy without being active.

If you don't love exercise, keep looking until you find something you like (or at least something that you don't hate).  And then you just have to do it because it needs to get done. 


  1. I workout-because it needs to get done! I LOVE THAT! So perfectly said.

    As for the lawn, I don't mow and don't plan on mowing...guess I should have hubby teach me just in case I'd have to, but maybe I'll just get a goat?! Ha!

  2. Oh you should DEFINITELY ask for a doctor's note :)

    BTW, I love mowing the lawn!!

  3. Excellent point!!! I am very happy to have found your blog and I'm excited to read more. :)

    We pay a friend $20 to mow our lawn because my husband hates to do it...and finding time is tricky with our 4 kids age 5 and under. Some days, though, I have begged him to keep the money, but let me mow the lawn while he watches the kids!! He hasn't taken me up on this....yet.

  4. I love your blog. You have the same silly humor as me. Keep up the great work


  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I am also the grass-mower in our family... we have a big yard and a riding lawn mower, so it is not a chore at all. I like to whine about it though so my husband thinks it's a big deal, but really I just go out there, put on some tunes, lean back and put the thing on cruise control, and bask in the sun for a few hours. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon! :)