Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A fine line between pushing and puking

I'm a puker.  No way around it.  Drink too much- puke.  Eat something bad- puke.  Smell something bad- puke.  Get pregnant- puke and puke and puke and puke..... and still gain 60 pounds.  Yup, I am a puker!

I have learned since I started running again that sometimes when I run too hard, I puke.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I had set myself up for perfect up chuck conditions:
  • I hadn't run in 4 days!  4 days!  Hurt?  Nope.  Sick?  Nope.  Busy?  Yes.  I really hate excuses and "I'm busy" is the worst one.  Look everyone is busy and that really isn't a great reason for not exercising for 4 days.  BUT, I was really busy.  My mornings were booked solid and the afternoons weren't much better and I stayed up past my bedtime several nights in a row.  I had the first MOPS, the Dinosaur Train debacle, rehearsal dinner, birthday party, wedding, and exhaustion from wedding....in that order.  I should have made time but I didn't.  I was feeling a little stale when I started the run.
The lovely Susan Soto Hoople.  My two best friends from college got married this year.  It's about frickin time ladies!  Just kidding!  They both married totally awesome guys and I am beyond happy for both of them.  Now start having babies already.

  • Breakfast today was 4 cups of coffee and a handful of Trix (FYI my husband buys the Trix not the kids).  Nobody should have a pot of coffee for breakfast...especially before running.  A cup?  Yes.  A pot?  No.  I have a problem.  I am trying to work on it.
  • I had to run after dropping the kids off and it was getting hot.  I don't run well in the heat.  Okay, so I do have a confession, it was like 75 degrees.  I know that's not hot but I wilt fast.  A self proclaimed weenie.
  • I ran hills.  They are big hills and I was pushing it going up those hills.  I sadly passed a lady on a bike....twice.  She was having a really tough time up those beasts and I know that riding a bike up those is tough because I ride there a lot.  I think she was rather embarrassed that a runner passed her but you know what I think is awesome?  She did not give up!  I can not tell you how many times I see someone walking their bike up those hills (which is fine too).  She used her gears, worked hard, took her time, and prevailed.  I thought it was great!  She was all smiles at the top when I passed her the second time.  I took out the earbuds and said, "this hill is a pain* isn't it."  She smiled and seemed relieved that I also thought it was tough.  *I might have used more colorful language, but on the off chance mom is reading, I though I would keep it G rated. 
  • I started too fast.  I wanted to be fast today since it was a shorter run (5 miles), but I should have gone out slower.  I work better when I start slow and then get faster.  Maybe everyone does?  By the time I was done with the hills I was DONE.
  • I kept going once I was done.
  •  At mile 3.2 I got the pleasure of seeing the entire contents of my stomach on a patch of grass.  Ummm, tasty huh?
    Sometimes knowing when to push and when I've had enough is hard for me to determine....but my stomach always knows.  Pushing yourself is important.  That is when you get faster, stronger, better.  If it isn't tough, then you probably aren't doing a whole lot.  I think nice easy runs are important to throw in, but you need to have killer runs too because that is when you improve.

    Look, it wasn't the first time I puked and it probably won't be the last.  It was a good reminder to pace myself better.....and not drink a pot of coffee in one sitting.  And to the lady on the bike- you rock!  Keep up the good work and I promise that hill does get easier!!

    My workout today was much better.  No puking, which is good because I was in the pool.  I swam my first ever continuous mile (whoop whoop, that is a big deal for me!) and then did sprint intervals.  I am feeling confident that tomorrow (which will be nice and cool) I will have a puke free long run.

    Any one else a puker?


    1. Well, I know we are new to each other blogs, but you may or may not know, I award one of the most convented blogger awards out their, The Pukie, we all have gone so hard that we puke during training or racing, so I reward people that had to experience this awful part of training


      Congrats on your first Pukie!!! I will have it posted on my next Weekly Ramblings

      Dont believe me, check out a past weekly rambling, just scroll to the bottom of it


    2. I've come close, but only because I took Ibuprofen immediately before a race. BAD IDEA! I do know a puker, but she's trying to figure out better foods, etc so it's not so self-inflicted.

      Nice job on the hills!!

    3. I pride myself in having a stomach of steel, however I came very very close this spring when I was doing a hill workout. Here's to hoping your next run is "puke" free.

      Just started reading your blog and am enjoying it.

    4. Pucking sucks!! It was probably the pot of coffee that did it to you.


    5. I'm not a puker (when it comes to running, or smells), maybe I'm not pushing my self hard enough. I am a puker though if I drink to much and like you, puke, puke, puke when pregnant with my girls. I would of probably walked after puking though....I'm a wuss

    6. Your Pukie is up, congrats