Monday, September 5, 2011


I fantasize about a lot of things (don't worry, this is not getting dirty).  I fantasize about having a maid, and a cook, and a nanny.  I fantasize about taking an tropical family vacation.....and bringing that nanny with us.  I fantasize about having a smaller bottom.  I fantasize about running a 3:30 marathon.  But football?  Yeah, I never fantasize about that, so it is pretty funny that I now have not one, not two, but three fantasy football teams.

Apparently my husband is using my love of competition to lure me into watching football with him.  Misguided or genius?  Only time will tell.

Look, it isn't that I don't like football.  I never really watched it until I started dating Kevin.  LA is a basketball town and Lakers are the preferred sports team where I'm from (yes I am an obnoxious Lakers fan).  So, it was pretty easy for me to cheer for the Broncos since I had no previous football loyalties.  I was a good girlfriend and learned the rules of the game and even started to know names.  I really began to like watching the Broncos play and I enjoyed our lazy Sunday afternoons watching football. 

And if Kevin just watched the Broncos I would still probably enjoy football.  But he doesn't just watch the Broncos.  He watches EVERY football game.  And I mean every.  We have the blasted NFL Sunday Ticket.  And he also watches college football (though he says he cut back when we got married).  I'm sure he would watch pee-wee league if it was televised.  He likes to remind me that I knew exactly what I was getting into.  It's true.  He knew I couldn't cook and was absent minded.  I knew he was obsessed with football.  We both said, eh, I can live with it.

So I half volunteered and was half convinced to join the craziness. "I" drafted the first team.  Really it was just Kevin telling me what to do.  The next two he just did for me.  Why do I need three?  I don't know.  Why does he need 10?  It seems like a big hassle.  There are people emailing me to trade them players.  I have to worry about bye weeks and injuries.  It hasn't even started and I'm exhausted.

Why am I doing this to myself??  Well, each year we are married I like football a little less and he seems to like it a little more.  So fantasy football just might be the thing to start bridging the gap.  I am taking one for the team by drafting a team (or three).  It's all a part of being an awesome wife I guess ;)

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  1. ha, I helped out with my hubby's fantasy team this year! I like football too, but they can get pretty CONSUMED by a team that's not "real"...hahahaha!