Friday, November 4, 2011

Noodle Hugger Headband Review and Giveaway!

There are big things that can sideline us: an injury, illness, broken equipment.  And then there are the things that start off small but can annoy us so badly we have to stop.  For me, those things are rocks in my shoes, leaky goggles, and hair in my face.  Maybe (probably) I am a wuss, but I just can't handle a workout that involves any of those things. 

Shoe rocks and goggle leaks usually just require a small break and an adjustment-a quick fix.  Hair in my face should be easily fixed too.  Slap on a headband, right??  Duh, that keeps hair outta the face!  There is just this one small problem...I must have a weirdly shaped head because headbands will not stay on.  They just won't.  It is like my head recognizes it as a foreign object and rejects it.  They literally fly off the back of my head.  Want to find me in the gym?  Look for the treadmill that has a headband on the floor directly behind it.

I am beginning to think maybe this guy isn't my dad:

And maybe it's this guy:
Mom, is there something you want to tell me???

So what's a poor misshapen headed girl to do?  I was beginning to think the answer was suffer, until I tried the Noodle Hugger, a no slip headband from Little Slice of Awesome.  Little Slice of Awesome is an etsy shop owned by Emily and she makes these wonderful no slip headbands.

I have to admit that when she told me they were no slip I was skeptical.  Sure, they might be great for the average human head..but my noggin....well we'll just see about that.  After all, I tried these non-slip options and every single one found a spot behind the treadmill.
I had more, but I lost them...probably because they fall off my head!
I even tried an uber expensive one from Lucy that was suppose to "like totally stay on."  Guess what snooty sales girl, it didn't! 

So, the Noodle Hugger had a big job....and I am more than happy to say that it delivered.  I can barely believe it myself, but the sucker doesn't move.   I was thinking it must have some sort of space aged adhesive, but I just think it is cleverly designed.  Here are some other great features of the headband:
  • They are totally cute.  Frankly, if a headband would stay on it could be butt ugly and I'd still wear it.  Fortunately, these guys are the opposite of butt ugly, they are too cute!!  Check them out here.  This is the one I received:
 My son called it a "cheetah band."  Being the obnoxious science teacher, I had to tell him that it was actually leopard print.  And then we looked at this picture and I explained the differences in big cat fur patterns.  Yeah, my kids are going to be super dorky.
Today's biological fun fact.  I think I miss teaching.
I was a little unsure of the leopard print.  I am a Plain Jane sort of girl who tends to stick to solids.  Was I sassy enough to pull it off??  Oh yeah, it was just the right amount of pattern! 
Pulling. It. Off.  (Please ignore the fact that I haven't showered nor am I wearing any sort of make-up.)
  • They are totally affordable!  When I saw the product I thought it would cost about $15.  When I wore it I thought it was worth about $1000.  But these guys are only $6 and they are handmade, by Emily!  Well, I am guessing they are handmade by Emily.  I suppose she could be running a sweat shop, but I doubt it.  I have already ordered three more!
  • Your purchase helps support a small business...and America!  Okay, that was cheesy but my husband is a small business owner so I have a special place in my heart for small business.  I checked out Emily's ratings on Etsy and she is currently at 100% satisfaction.  Can't beat that!
  • They even come in kid sizes!  My two year old daughter keeps stealing mine and it is too big for her.  We looked at the website and she said, "Ooooh, I want those!  Are they underwear?"  Clearly, she was confused, but she still liked what she saw. If you email Emily your kid's head size she can custom fit it for that little lady in your life.
So do you want to win a Noodle Hugger (if you are one of the two guys who read my blog and you are still reading about headbands, you can win this for a female in your life!)?  Entering is easy and the odds of winning are pretty good because I don't have that many followers!!  My unpopularity can be your advantage!

To Enter, leave a comment for each of the following that you chose to do:
1.  Follow me and tell me that you do. (required)
2.  Like A Little Slice of Awesome on Facebook and/or Twitter. (Bonus entries for each)
3.  Visit the Little Slice of Awesome Etsy shop and tell me which Noodle Hugger you would like to win! (Bonus entry)
4.  Spread the word because I don't have an advertising budget...or a budget.  Share on any or all of the following:  Facebook, Twitter, your blog. (Bonus entry for each one)

The contest closes November 10th at 9pm MST (aka my bedtime)!  I will announce the winner November 11th around 5am MST (aka the time my daughter gets up and hence the reason I go to bed at 9). Good luck!!


  1. I love the "farm animals" Noodle Hugger...this farm girl is loving it!

  2. Funny, during the Cape Cod Marathon, I was swearing at myself because my hair was in my face. Then I reminded myself that, anytime my hair was in my face, it meant I had a tailwind. Sadly, I didn't eat a lot of hair that day. But while I did, it was ANNOYING!

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    I of course follow your blog - it is my night time reading choice.

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