Saturday, November 5, 2011

Voodoo, Gypsy curses, or just bad luck??

Check out the awesome look I will be sporting for the next 4-6 weeks.  I like to call it orthopedic chic.
Nothing says sexy quite like a post-op shoe
In case you are new to this blog, I hurt this foot during the Rock n Roll half marathon on Oct. 9th.  But that is not why I am wearing the post-op shoe.

Two weeks ago I was shopping at Target with my two children.  We were in one of these carts:

They are roughtly the size of an ocean liner and just as maneuverable.  I was attempting to turn around in the aisle, which mind you is no easy feat.  As I am struggling with the fully loaded beast, I accidentally run completely over my pinky toe (on my already hurt foot).  It was bruised and pretty painful.  But that is not why I am wearing the post-op shoe.

Yesterday I went for my first run in almost a month!  It was glorious even though I only went a mile.  It was a fantastic mile.  I wanted to keep going but I thought I should take it easy so I wouldn't re-injure my foot.  After the run I assessed how my foot was feeling.  Great!  So obviously that is not why I am wearing this post-op shoe.

After the run I picked up my daughter from preschool.  Not long after we got home she said, "I have to go potty!"  If you have ever potty trained a child then you know that if you hear this, and you don't act fast, you will pay for it   I picked her up and started running (since I could do that again!).  My big toe caught on something, bent in half, and I put full weight (hers and mine) on my bent toe.  Blinding pain!  I screamed, "Hoochie Mamma!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  My daughter asked, "Mom, what is hoochie mamma?"  I was glad at that moment that she was asking me that and not "Mom, what does #@$% mean."  I am pretty proud that I kept it relatively clean.

I finally stopped screaming and looked at my toe.  It was already gross.  Today, I went to get an x-ray and it was confirmed that I broke my first distal phalanx right in half.  It was a clean break, not on the joint, and would only require the oh so attractive post-op shoe for about 6 weeks.

So in the past month my poor left foot has had a strain, a smashed pinky toe, and a broken big toe.  What the heck?!  I am beginning to think someone made a voodoo doll of my foot.  Or maybe that foot accidentally kicked a Gypsy and she cursed it?  Or maybe it broke a mirror?  I don't know, but I am seriously considering amputation.  Maybe I should have gone to the witch doctor after the medical doctor.

Whatever the cause, it is definitely some bad luck.  After 4 weeks of limited activity I was given these instruction for the next six weeks:

What's left?  Am I going to have to take up this:
Chair aerobics, here I come!!!!!

They should have just given me one of these along with the ugly orthopedic shoe: 

4+6 is 10.  10 weeks of no running!!!  Am I bummed and sad and mopey?  Yeah, a little bit.  Is it the end of the world?  No.

November is a month to really reflect on our blessings and all we have to be thankful for.  My toe might be broken, but not my spirit.  It is just a little bone and it will heal and I will be able to run again.  For that I am so grateful!  I am grateful that the rest of my body is healthy.  I am grateful for a sister who watched my kids so I could go to the doctor.  I am grateful for a husband who was working hard so we could pay for that ridiculously expensive weekend doctor's visit.  Life is toe is not...but life is.  God has given me so much to be thankful for and I don't want to forget that!

Although I can hardly believe this happened, and I am upset to say the least, I am choosing to focus on all the good stuff.  And now, if you will excuse me, I am off to locate a copy of Sit and be Fit

How is your weekend going?  Better than mine I hope!

Whose got a broken toe story?  Any advise?


  1. Oh. My. Gosssshhhhhh!! That sucks! Just no other word for it than sucks! Well, I guess on the bright side, you were sidelined with a heel injury for 1 1/2 years like someone, and at the end of the 6 weeks, you'll be good to go! Yes? Yes! And look how strong your upper body will be after all those chair aerobics! You get out there and show those senior citizens how it's done, girl!
    In the meantime, big hugs to you!!!

  2. No way!! That is so terrible. I can't even imagine. I would definitely go NUTZ. Earlier this year my wife broke both elbows and nearly went stir crazy. Hang in there!

    (And the chair aerobics? Easily the funniest picture I've seen all day.)

  3. Oh my Katie! So sorry!! ugggh! Wow, oh wow, I am impressed with you attitude here at the end. Such an example and a reminder of all we have to be thankful for! But still...this stinks! I hope you recover really quickly. did you daughter piss her pants? Ha, that is what I was wondering when I read that part about running to the bathroom (and never making it). :)

  4. Awwww dude!! That sucks. Holy crap, that must have been so painful.... so sorry you're dealing with this. Just know you have my solidarity on the sidelines, and 12 weeks into no running I can honestly say it does go faster than you think it will. Super big hug mama - hang in there.

  5. Ugh! That just stinks!! It's so hard to be limited exercise wise, trust me. One idea I had--as if you swim w/ a pull buoy and not push off the wall w/ that foot. That would seem doable to me. Good luck with it!

  6. Yikes! That sounds so painful. I don't think most doctors get how horrible it is to be forced to be inactive considering most of the population is sedentary.

    I think I have seen Chair Yoga on the schedule at one of the gyms in town. Can you do mat Pilates? I think most of the exercises wouldn't bother your toe.

    To a speedy recovery!

  7. Good lord your poor foot, and you of course. Sending you lots of wishes for a speedy recovery xxx

  8. Loved the story! Poor foot...I'm cracking up thinking of someone somewhere with your voodoo foot and a bag of needles for poking.

    Here's my broken toe story.
    Me. Putting on underwear in a hurry as I was was trying to walk at the same time. Caught them on my pinky toe. Sent me flying across the room naked. Toe broken :P

  9. You are such a funny story teller!!! Sorry you have to resort to chair aerobics....eeek. Maybe you an read and mentally work out??? HAHA.

    Get Up & Go

  10. stop is not too bad for you... you could join chess or cluedo tournament or...
    ok ok... limited activity sucks...
    come back stronger!

  11. I broke BOTH pinkie toes while talking on the phone on night. I broke it again several months later but this time it want purple and hurt worse. I use to make fun of my mother because she broke her pinkie toes all the time. I guess this is pay back.

    Why can you not swim? It does not require weight on your toe.


  12. Dang Katie! Never broke my toe (or a anything, knock on wood). Pilates would be a good way to keep in shape in the meantime.

  13. OHHHH NOOO!!!!

    Maybe a new hobby, like painting or pottery will help take your mind off things for those six weeks

  14. What about pool running?

    Oh, I'm so sorry about this, Katie.

    If it's any consolation, you told that story really well. I love your sense of humor and your outlook on life. I'm just sad you won't be up for the Turkey Trot. Next year?????? (And we'll meet before that, of course....)

  15. Poor thing!! I can't believe you did that, so did you daughter make it to the potty in time or was you still yelling Hoochie Momma?? And out of all the things to yell, Hoochie Momma is what came out?? That's funny in itself!!

    I would suggest taking up crocheting or something. I'm really wanting a Salmon Color scarf and can't find one ANYWHERE!! It would be a win, win for us both. It would keep you busy and your mind off of the things you can't do and get me the scarf I'm looking for!

  16. I'm super behind on blog reading and just saw this terrible news. I'm so sorry to hear of all your bad luck. But remain impressed at your ability to choose the glass-half-full path...even if it is from a chair.

    Hang in there!!!

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