Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things- The 11 Random addition

I was tagged with the Random 11 Things by Julie and Andrea.  Since I have been doing a monthly "Things" post I thought I would just roll my things post in with this post.  So here we go....My 11 Random "things" and the answers to the questions they gave me.

1.  Thing I was forcefully removed from....twice: 
I was 19, if that makes it any better.  Once was in Belgium, and it was uncalled for (Oh and travel tip!  Saying "I hate you and your country" will not improve your situation).  The other time was in Italy and it was called for.  Oh it was called for.

2.  Thing I have a paralyzing fear of:

3.  Thing I would like to visit again before I die:

Hiking to the top of Half Dome is one of my favorite memories.  It was scary at the end when you had to do this:
But it was so worth it.  Nothing can describe the view from the top.  Yosemite is a place I think everybody needs to go at least once in their life, and that is not just my California bias talking.

4.  Thing everyone loves, but I hate:
Massages involve two things I am not a fan of: being naked and being touched....and no my kids aren't adopted.

5.  Thing I am doing this August:
This will be my first Olympic distance triathlon.  I just ordered my wetsuit and once all the reservoirs thaw out I can begin to conquer my open water demons.

6.  Thing that qualifies as a date now that I'm married with kids:
We are going to the accountant today for taxes.  Since we won't have the kids I think it qualifies as a date.  I wonder if our accountant will mind if we make-out while he is reviewing our paper work? 

7.  Thing I am going to have to do next year if school districts don't start hiring:
Sadly, I would probably make more money.
8.  Thing I was watching when I met my husband:
Kevin and I met when we went to the movies with mutual friends to see the Star Wars Episode II.  We immediately bonded over our shared feeling that these movies were tarnishing the Star Wars franchise.  He had me at, "I freaking hate Jar Jar Binks."  It was a match made in nerd heaven.

9.  Star Wars thing we disagree on:
I love them, he hates them.  I think it is our age difference.  I am much, much, much younger.  Five whole years!

 10.  Thing I am ridiculously good at because I have a vast knowledge of completely useless facts:
I am not nearly as good at real Trivial know, the one with the useful facts.

11.  Speaking of useless facts.....thing that I had to memorize in high school and STILL know: 
In Middle English (aka gibberish) of course!
It is completely useless and it is taking up valuable brain space.  If I could get rid of that and the theme songs from Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Charles in Charge then maybe I could remember we need toilet paper when I'm at the store.  "Sorry honey, you can't wipe your butt, however I have a lovely selection from Chaucer I can recite for you," isn't exactly appreciated.

Questions from Andrea
  1. Morning or Evening Workouts?  Morning all the way!  I am a totally obnoxious morning person.  I love the morning, waking up early, and getting my workout done!  I know, obnoxious.
  2. Dogs or Cats?  At one time I was a dog person.  I am now a fan of things that take care of their own crap.
  3. Summer or Winter?  If you don't know the answer to this, you have never read my blog. 
  4. Pool or Open Water Swim?   PoolPoolPoolPoolPoolPoolPoolPoolPoolPoolPoolPool. 
  5. Drive or Fly?  Fly, but I have been doing a lot of driving lately.
  6. Magazines or Books?  Books but I never turn down a magazine that focuses on celebrity gossip.  Sad, I know.
  7. Fiction or Non-Fiction?  Yes.
  8. Comedy or Drama?  Comedy.
  9. Mountains or Beach?  Beach but I really do love the mountains (in the summer).
  10. Racer or Cheerleader?  Racer?
Questions from Julie
1.       Name 1 blogger would like to meet.That is a tough one.  I would love to meet a lot of bloggers.  I hope to at least meet some of the awesome ladies that live around me someday!
2.      Do you log your workouts? If so where or how?  I log my workouts on Daily Mile.
3.      What is your favorite thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night? I love to go out to dinner, shows, movies, bowling, cow tipping, really just anything that gets me out of the house because I am here all the time.  But with two little kids and a homebody husband, I don't get out as much as I would like. 
4.      What are you addicted to?  Coffee (but really it is the creamer I'm addicted to).
5.      Do you share your blog with everyone?  Sometimes I put a post on my personal facebook page, but usually I don't.  I would say the vast majority of the people who read my blog have never met me in real life and I'm not really sure what that says about me.
6.      Tell me one way you are different then you were 10 years ago.  The biggest way I am different is that I am married with kids.  10 years ago I was convinced I would die alone or become a nun (despite the fact that I was not Catholic).  And I never would have thought I would be a stay at home mom!  
7.      Hot, medium, or mild, how spicy do you like your food?  Medium
8.      I’ve met people who barley break a bead when they workout and I’m always amazed at this! Which are you sweater or not?  I produce a disgusting amount of sweat.
9.      I’m thinking of doing a marathon, tell me which one you would do if you were going to do one and why? Or tell me about your favorite one you have done.  I would love to do the Malibu Marathon because it starts in Camarillo (where I was born and raised) and ends in Malibu where I went to college.  Plus I would love the sea level advantage and can you really beat running with the Pacific Coast as your view?  I don't think so.
10.     Music or no music when you work out?  Music, loud music.
11.     I need a book for my trip to Mexico to read on the beach. What would you suggest?  I've talked about liking this book before, but if you haven't read Bossypants, you must.  It was so funny and a perfect vacation/beach read. 

Okay, that's it!  I think everyone has already been tagged so I am skipping that part.  

Ewoks?  Yes or No?

Anyone else hate massages or am I alone on this one?

Any job ideas for me because the job market for teachers is really glum?