Monday, May 30, 2011

Back in the (bike) saddle again

It might be a bit strange, but in the last two years I have developed a love of exercise.  Yes, I do think a big part of my exercise motivation in the beginning was to lose baby weight (and take a much need break from the babies that helped me put on that weight).  But now it is something that I just enjoy doing.  If I didn't lose another pound (which is seeming to be a possibility) I would still exercise.  It makes me feel good, gives me energy, and clears my head.  I love running and (I can't believe I am saying this) like swimming, but cycling is my favorite.

Although I love cycling I haven't actually done it in a really long time.  It has been almost six months since I put on my oh so attractive bike shorts (really?clothing that increases the size of your butt) and went for a ride.

Pulling the kids last year when they both weighed less!
There have been a combination of things keeping me from riding lately.  First and foremost, when I go for a bike ride I have to make sure there is someone at home to watch the kids.  I've pulled them in a bike trailer before and I guess I could technically still do this.  But their combined weight is over 60 pounds.  Pulling them is hard, especially up the hills that are around my house.  It really just sucks all the fun out of a bike ride.

My half marathon training also got in the way of riding my bike.  You can certainly make riding a bike part of cross training when getting ready for a running event.  In fact, I think cycling in combination with running is great for your knees.  The conflict came about because every time there was nice weather and my husband was home I had to use that time to fit in a long run.  And for some crazy reason I didn't really feel like going on a bike ride after running 10 miles (I don't see an Iron Man in my future).

Nice weather was the other factor.  I have already established that I don't run in the heat.  Well, I also will not cycle when it is cold.  I see the die hards out there riding in the rain and even snow. Riding when it 20 degrees.  But I am a wuss.  As a whole, I like cycling more than running, but I will choose a treadmill (or a cold run) over a freezing ride every time.  We just haven't had a super warm spring and it has been very wet.  Great for the lawn but bad for bike rides.

So I have let my bike sit and collect dust for months on end.  The poor neglected thing.  But the other day I finally was able to take it for its first outing of 2011.

I had forgotten how much I truly love to ride.  After getting over the initial worry that I would crack a rib falling because of my clip ins, I raced out of our neighborhood and hit the bike trail that runs along C470.  Riding my bike is a wonderful, freeing feeling.  I'm a kid again just enjoying a nice afternoon.  The idea that I am starting to train for a triathlon, that I am exercising does not even cross my mind.  I stand up when going up the hills and I think I might even say "wheeeee" as I fly down them.  This is the best exercise for me because it is just fun!  I know when I have a free moment away from any responsibility that I will choose (if the weather is nice) a bike ride every time.

I am so looking forward to this summer and the many rides that I will get to go on.  Yes, it will be exercising, and it will be training, but it will also be a blast!!
My future Triathletes!

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