Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photo Analysis

Like most races, the Colfax Marathon had photographers all over the course.  Since I went to the race by myself I didn't have a picture of me crossing the finish line.  So I was really excited to get the email with my official race photos.  I could not wait to see the pride and victory on my face as I triumphantly strode over the blue time chip readers.  I thought that these would be photos I would treasure for a lifetime. . .that is until I opened the email.  Ugh!!  Is that what I look like when I run????
Ok, here is one picture but only 
because it is small!

I hate that I went to this place.  I should just be proud and happy about what I accomplished, but all I can think is "whoa, look at those saddlebags!"  Yeesh!  Running really emphasized them.  It doesn't help that the outfit I picked to wear was completely unflattering.  I have to say that my main concern was warmth that day so I went with the running tights.  Um, does anyone look good in those?  I know now, without a doubt, that I do not.  So will I still wear them?  Yeah, they were expensive and it isn't like I am out there trying to pick up guys (you know because of the whole husband thing).  I will however rethink wearing them if a photographer is present.

The other thing I noticed from my "glamor shots" was my running form.  I think that every runner should have pictures (in flattering pants) taken of themselves because you can actually learn a lot about how you are running.  I noticed 3 big mistakes right away:
  1. I was pretty sure I wasn't heel striking anymore, but there it was.  Whoops!  Why do I care if I heel strike?  Well, mostly because it slows you down and causes joint pain and damage.  I can tell a huge difference (mostly in my knees) when I am heel striking and when I am landing on my mid or forefoot.  So I have been more conscience of where and how my foot is landing.  It was a really good reminder to do this.
  2. I need to keep my head up!  I was looking down in a lot of those pictures.  I think the real problem here is that I am a colossal klutz.  I have some pretty legendary falls.  Down stairs, inside, outside.  I have fallen in several states and multiple countries.  If you can walk there I have tripped there.  So I have a habit of looking where I am going.  And I really don't want to fall, but again it comes down to good running form.  When my head is in the right place it is just easier to run.  So why is my head always down?!  I really need to work on that!
  3. My arms are not relaxed.  Besides looking totally goofy, it is (again) not good running form.  I actually didn't know I had this problem until I went to the Newton Running Clinic.  I was told to relax my arms and for the life of me I just can't do it.  Maybe I'm just uptight??  I tried desperately on the treadmill this morning to relax them, but couldn't.  I guess it will be a work in progress.
So some good lessons from some awful pictures.  No heel striking, keep my head up, relax my arms, and for the love of God do something about those saddlebags (or wear pants that hide them!).


  1. my goodness, I think you look GREAT! Don't focus on THAT, stay positive and BE PROUD!!! Whew, that's quite an accomplishment and I'll need YOUR motivation when I finally sign up for my FIRST half marathon set for FEbruary 19th...I'll just be happy that I don't pass out on the course!!!

  2. Thanks Marissa! You will do great, especially if you are already pushing a jogging stroller for 5 miles! I will so be cheering you on!!