Sunday, May 8, 2011

Can I get a do over??

I will admit it.  I am a weather weenie.  But in my defense, it isn't really my fault.  I am going to blame my parents for this one.  They raised me in a town that has been reported to have the second most moderate climate in the world.  If you move from Camarillo you better be moving to that place that has the most moderate climate in the world. 

Growing up, 60 was cold and 80 was hot.  It was a wonderful way to live, no I didn't miss the change in seasons, and no I never missed snow.  I could see it on the mountains (if the smog wasn't bad that day).  People in Colorado seem to think I have lived some deprived life because I had awesome weather all the time.  So as great as it was, it did make me a bit of a temperature snob.  My body just can't deal with cold. . .or hot.  Which brings me to today's run.

Today was suppose to be my last long run before the half marathon next Sunday.  I was hoping to do 12 miles, and if I did 12 I would feel good about next weekend.  The forecast was an 80+ degree day so the smart thing would be an early morning run.  I am a morning person (yes one of those) so a morning run suits me just fine.  I did not do a morning run.  Instead I went for a run during the hottest part of the day so the family could go to church.  But that is the thing about running and training.  Yes, it is important but somethings are just more important.

When I pulled up to the greenway it was 89 degrees (thankfully Colorado doesn't actually have any humidity, like any).  All I could think was, "I am going to puke if I run."  No puke, but just a terrible run.  At Hudson Gardens (3.5 miles) I stopped running and conceited defeat.  When you start fantasizing about jumping in the Platte River and swimming back to the car, you know you are done.  There was no way this wimp was going to make it.  I ran/ walked the rest of the way and the only reason I ran more was so I could get back to the car faster!  Disappointed?  Yes.  Glad I stopped running?  Yes, because there was a good chance I was gonna pass out.  If you are thinking I am a total wuss, you are right!  Hey, I'll admit it.

So tomorrow morning is do over day.  I am going to give it a go again. . .just in the cool morning hours this time.

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