Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tales from the Stay (anywhere but) Home Mom

When people ask me what I "do," I answer that I am a stay at home mom.  While I am in the line of full time mom-ery, I really don't fit the term "stay at home mom"  Mostly it doesn't fit me because we are rarely staying at home.  I will find any excuse to not actually stay at home with the kids and I have three reasons behind this.  1) I am not a homebody.  I like to get out, do things, explore, and experience.   2) My children are not homebodies either.  Is it nature or nurture?  Who knows, but the little darlings drive me up a wall if we are stuck inside all day.  Not good in a place known for blizzards!  3) If I stay at home then I might have to do something domestic (gasp!) like laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning! Oh the horror!  Let's just say I'm no Suzie Homemaker!

What I lack in domestic prowess I make up for in yearly passes.  We have passes to everything.  So, today we took advantage of our membership to the Museum of Nature and Science.  Here is the amazing view of downtown from the observation window.  See why I like getting out?  (Sidenote:  This is where my race will start and end from on Sunday).

What a truly great day with the kiddos.  It was one of those magic days that I love my job and working for my two pint sized employers.  Not everyday is this good.  There are days when tantrums rule, juice is spilled, toys are fought over, and naps are missed.  So when one of these magic days come along I just need to sit back and thank God and my husband that I am able to "stay at home." 

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