Saturday, May 14, 2011

¡Falta algo! Something's missing!

I think every little boy goes through a Thomas the Tank Engine phase and every little girl goes through a Dora the Explorer phase. While Mason outgrew Thomas some time ago, Emerson is still a big fan of Dora, Boots, and the whole gang.  She owns one particular DVD where they try to help El Encantador (the Wizard, for those of you not currently learning Spanish from Nickelodeon) get his wand back.  He keeps saying (in a voice that sounds a lot like Ricardo Montalban),  "¡Falta algo! Something's missing!" 

Well, I have some falta algo going on this week for sure!  The "magic wand" I am missing is running.  The past 12 weeks I have run and run and run trying to get ready for this Sunday's race.  I have even occasionally complained about how much running I've had to do.  I have given my poor neglected bicycle longing looks and, when my running shoes weren't looking, I promised it I would return soon.  So, it has caught me off guard how much I am missing my runs.  I thought I would relish the break but really I just want to lace up.  I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder.

The antsy side of me wants to sneak in one more run before tomorrow, but I am heeding the advice of those more wise and experienced.  I am resting my legs so I can hopefully have a successful, fast (for me), and fun(?) first ever half marathon.  And as much as I am missing running right now I know by mile 10 I will be sick of it again!

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