Thursday, May 19, 2011

They had me at Peanut Butter- The GoodOnYa Review and Giveaway.

I was a biology major in college and then taught science, so I have read many Albert Einstein quotes.  One of my favorites (and it is hard to choose because he said a lot of things that were, well, genius) is: "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."  I think the same can be said for taste and nutrition.  Nutrition without taste is lame, taste without nutrition is blind.  A food can be super nutritious, but if it taste like feet it isn't going to nourish anyone.  You'd never find Homer over there saying, "Mmm. . .wheat grass."  Food that tastes wonderful but is void of nutrients is even worse.  Sure the donuts are great but the spare tire isn't.  I have found that in order to successfully become healthier (and/or lose weight) you need to replace great tasting unhealthy food with healthy food that (and this is important!) tastes great.  If you don't enjoy what you eat (and I think that we humans are suppose to enjoy what we eat) then you always go back to great tasting unhealthy options.  So the challenge is to find a food that truly tastes good but is also good for you.

I recently was able to taste an organic nutrition energy bar called GoodOnYa.  There was no doubt that these things were nutritious.  You didn't need a science degree to understand the ingredient list and they were full of fiber, protein, and healthy fat.  I also liked that I would be able to use them as breakfast on the go.  The fact that each bar contained a good amount of fiber and protein appealed to me because as studies have shown, a breakfast high in both will help keep you satisfied (and out of the goldfishies).  All great things, but like I said before, nutritious food is only as good as it tastes.

Soooo, how did they taste??  The Peanut Butter Chocolate was really good.  Can you go wrong with that combo??  Sesame seeds are one of my favorite things and I really liked the addition flavor that they brought to the bar.  There is a lot of texture going on and it is rather dense because they don't fluff it up with puffed rice like some other bars.  My favorite was the Peanut Butter Honey.  Great peanut taste and just the right amount of sweet.  The kids liked the Peanut Butter Honey as well.  The Breakfast Bar, I have to admit, was not my favorite.  I am a raisin hater though, so take that into account.   

Another important question we have to ask of our food is-what's the lasting power of what I am eating?  It might be low calories/low fat, but if we are digging through the diaper bag for snacks an hour later it isn't going to do us much good, right?  So, I tested out the Peanut Butter Honey this morning to see how this little bar would sustain me.  With almost 300 calories, it needs to be a meal bar and not a snack bar for me.  I had some coffee (of course!) and the GoodOnYa bar before doing my two endurance activities of morning: getting the kids dressed/out the door, and swimming.

It had staying power my friends!  After thousands of laps (Ok it was just half an hour, but I suck at swimming so it felt like thousands) I was still going strong and was even able to endure my son's OT appointment without dipping into the kids' stash.  I will call this the little bar that could!

Overall, I am impressed with not only the bar but the whole company.  They are passionate about public health and nutrition and it is refreshing to see a company that cares about people.

So, if you have become intrigued by GoodOnYa you are in luck.  GoodOnYa will send one lucky person all three of their bars to try.  All you have to do is fill out the form below and click submit.  You can always get extra entries for "liking" GoodOnYa on Facebook or following them on Twitter.  Just check the boxes and extra entries will be submitted.  I will take entries until Saturday at midnight and then announce the winner Sunday, May 22nd.

Good luck and happy, healthy, tasty eating to all!

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