Friday, April 15, 2011

And sometimes you just need a break

When embarking on a weight loss journey (like I did after the birth of my 2nd child) one usually starts some sort of fitness routine.  Some people find this to be a daunting and horrible experience.  They do it begrudgingly and eventually abandon it all together.  I found myself on the other end of that spectrum.  I love the time of the day that I get to exercise.  Maybe it's the endorphines.  Maybe it's because I know I am doing something good for my health.  Maybe it is the awesome stress relieving effects.  Or maybe it is just because it is the one time of day I get a break from mommy duty!! 

Because of this taking a "rest" day is a bit hard for me.  I know, I know, rest days are important!  It is time for your body to heal and other good stuff like that.  I think I rationalize going everyday because I switch it up.  I mix in weights, running, swimming, intervals, cycling.  But the fact is I need a day off every now and again and today was one of those day.  I was tired (thanks to my 4:40 am Emerson alarm clock) and coming down with a cold, but for some reason I convinced myself that I should still go to the gym.

Em and I dropped Mason off at preschool and headed to the gym.  After 10 minutes of struggling on the treadmill I conceited defeat, grabbed my sweet girl, and went to the mall instead!  I am in no way encouraging running out on a workout just because it is a little tough.  I am also not big on excuses for skipping exercise.  But I need to listen to my body and my body was saying, "Katie just take a break!!!  And also go see if those cute shoes are on sale."  I could have toughed it out, but maybe just maybe resting was the best thing I could have done for myself today.

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