Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding Weekend

Last Thursday I left my children in the very capable hands of my hubby and hopped a plane to Oklahoma City for a wedding.  I was skipping town without the family so it had to be a pretty important person getting married right?

Well Amanda is.  We have been in each others lives since Freshman year German 101 (dates have been excluded to protect the old).  I have great memories of us in the language lab mocking "Stefan" on the tapes we were suppose to be learning from.  I believe we even vouched for each other (aka lied for each other) on our log sheets for those very tapes.  No wonder my German is nicht so gut.

Despite my lack of abilities in the German speaking department, I spent my Sophomore year of college in Heidelberg, Germany.  Amanda was one of my roommates and this is when we really got to know one another.  I could really write 100 blog posts about our shenanigans overseas.  I think our pictures might still be posted in a Belgium train office.  You know what they say, friends that get kicked off a train together, stay together!  But even though we had so much fun being obnoxious Americans in Europe, the things that I treasure most were our talks over vanilla tea.  We talked about boys, missing home, boys, our weekend adventures, boys, our crazy professors, and boys.  Let's just say it is a good thing that God was in control of our love life and not us.

Amanda and I were roommates again half of Junior year and moved off campus our senior year.  I could not imagine what my college experience would have been like with out her.

But our adventures did not stop there.  Amanda convinced me to move to Colorado after we graduated.  I didn't have a job lined up but I had a place to live, so. . . why not?  I was young and naive (stupid) so what better time to uproot your life and start fresh.  I found Colorado to be. . .  .horrible.  It snowed all the time (it really didn't but I am from Southern California so it seemed like it).  I developed an intense hatred of snow and all things cold.  But despite my misery I had my good friend to talk me off the ledge whenever the flakes started to fall (and to let me sleep in her bed when there was a mouse in my room).  However, she knew how homesick I was and supported me when I told her I was getting the hell out of there.  And she supported me again when a few weeks later I met my husband and decided that snow wasn't that bad after all.  She was there when I picked out my wedding dress, when I walked down the aisle, and was there to meet my children.  She is a friend I will know for life.  She can't escape me!!

That is why it was so wonderful to watch her marry a guy who is her perfect match.  All those times we sat around lamenting about this boy or that boy I am sure God was sitting back saying, "if you silly girls only knew what I had in store for you there would be rejoicing not angst!"  So thank you God not only for being in control but for giving me a great friend!  Congrats Amanda!  Words can't even express my joy for you and John!

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