Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finally got some LSD! (Don't worry Mom- that stands for Long Slow Distance)

In a few of my latest posts I have been lamenting the fact that I haven't been able to do my long runs.  Weather and sick kiddos (and husband) have totally derailed me.  My last long run was over two weeks ago and I must admit that I was freaking out about it!  Ah, but this is the life of a mom, right?  Things never go exactly the way you plan.  I was almost going to give up and attempt 11 miles on the treadmill.  Blah!!  My love for the treadmill moves to blind hatred after about 6 miles.  But today the weather was going to be good and the husband was going to be home (yeah!!) so I got to do my long run outside!

I  drove to the Mary Carter Greenway got out all my gear and realized. . .uh oh, NO IPOD!!!  No!!  A long run without music!  I almost got right back in the car, but I just couldn't.  Who knows when I would be able to run this long again.  My race is 2 1/2 weeks away and I have to be ready.  So I sucked it up and ran without it. 

Here is the funny thing though, it was a great run.  Without my music distracting me I really got to enjoy how absolutely beautiful it is in Colorado right now.  Yes, Miss "I hate snow" "I miss the beach" is saying that I was loving my Colorado living today!  The grass is getting green, the leaves are budding, the river was flowing, and I got to run through fragrant blooming trees.  It almost made me forget that my legs were on fire. . . almost.

Beautiful day, beautiful run.  So, will I ditch my ipod for future runs?  Hmmm, maybe I will just try to look and listen at the same time.


  1. Seriously, you need to motivate me girl!

  2. I would love to motivate you! I think exercise is so important for surviving as a mom! I look at it as an investment in the future with my kiddos too. Love your blog and FB posts Kat! YOU motivate me with your faith and trust in God! Love to you and your ever growing family!