Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have been sick and therefore sitting on my tush for the last three days.  No running, no riding, no swimming.  Just laying around and doing the bare minimum in the parenting department (sorry kids!).  I am feeling better now, but way off schedule with my training plan. I have derailed.

Is it really a big deal to get off the training plan?  Do you really even need one?  Well, I love training plans.  I think they are one of the most essential items a runner or triathlete can have when getting ready for an event, especially a long event or an event that you have never done before.  They really do get you were you need to go.  A training plan can make you successful whether you are doing a 5K or an Ironman. .  .if you stick to the plan!

In my book, sticking to the plan=success so I try to stick to my training plan as best as I can.  I switch stuff around to make it work with my schedule but I try to make sure I do all my workouts for the week.  Well, guess what?  Not a single plan out there has scheduled sick days and when you have two carrier monkeys children you are probably going to get sick a few times.  Sigh.  

So you adapt.  Training plans are important but how your body is feeling trumps a training plan every time.  I am hoping that I will feel much better tomorrow and be back on track.

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