Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A new toy for mom

Sometimes when one door closes you need to open another door. . .like one that leads to REI.

My heart rate monitor bit the dust during the tri.  It was on its last leg before the race and that open water swim totally killed it.  But to be honest I was kind of happy about it.  I have been pining after a GPS watch for months now.  Dreaming of its superpowers.  I wanted it bad but couldn't justify spending more money on yet another running gadget. But when the old one died it was the perfect excuse to go buy one!

This a picture of the watch, but not mine.  I wish I could run a 4:56 mile.

So I took my old watch into REI on the off chance they would take it back.  I bought it in 2008 and thought the warranty would be long gone, but good old REI took it back.  I love that place!  So I picked out a Garmin Forerunner 110 to replace it.  It is on the more basic end of GPS watches but does enough for me.

This morning was my inaugural run with it.  How on earth did I ever live without one??  It is like the first time you got a computer, email, a cell phone, an ipod, or DVR.  You were perfectly fine before they came along but after you used them once you could no longer exist without them.  And yes, I do think I would die if my DVR was taken away from me.

It was amazing to be able to look down and see what pace I was running.  It made me go a bit faster a few times.  Also, I got a more accurate measure of my run.  Mapmyrun is pretty accurate unless you go off roads (which I do several times during this run).  So I found out the run was 4.1 miles and not 4.25 miles.  Bummer.  When I hooked it up to my computer it told me all kinds of stuff.  It showed my splits with average speed and fastest speed.  I could definitely tell when I was going uphill!

My verdict so far: AWESOME!  Oh Garmin, I never want to run without you again!!

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  1. ok....I do not run and I want one!!