Sunday, August 14, 2011

On the lamb

Yesterday I got a letter from the fine state of Texas informing me that there is a warrant out for MY arrest!!!!  It says and I quote, "you are subject to arrest at ANY TIME."  And yes, "any time" was in all caps!!  Yikes!!  I had visions of hiding in my basement with the windows drawn expecting Walker, Texas Ranger to bust down my door at any moment.  I guess you don't mess with Texas, do you!!

So after I got over the initial shock of being a fugitive from the law, I read the whole letter.  Looks like I might not need to get "thug life" tattooed on my knuckles because they just want me to pay my speeding ticket.  Yes, it looks like I have been too busy running to pay my fines and apparently Texas is none too pleased with me.

My husband is having a great time razzing me about being a criminal.  I think I am just finally living up to the preacher's kids stereotype.  It's never too late to rebel, right??  So I either need to practice shiv making or I need to find my checkbook.  Um, I think I will go the checkbook route and until that check clears I will be looking in my review mirror for Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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  1. You should write a book! (I'm catching up on all the missed entries :)