Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I feel the need, the need for speed

Yes, I am referencing Top Gun because it is still one of my favorite movies of all time.  Is it totally 80's?  Yes.  Is it kinda cheesy?  Absolutely!  But has Tom Cruise ever been hotter?  I don't think so.  And come on, the volleyball scene.  Need I say more??  But this post actually isn't about Top Gun.  I just had to give it a little love.  I am of course talking about the need for running speed.

I did a 10 miler today and it was my first time doing double digits since May.  While I am pleased with the distance, I am still disappointed in how long it is taking me!  I want to be this.

But I am a little more like this.

It is frustrating to say the least.  But I do have 6 more weeks and I do have a training plan that works on speed.  Just because I am not there yet doesn't mean I won't get there, right?  So in those six weeks I will be doing intervals, tempo runs, pace runs, hills, and of course long runs.  With some hard work and crossed fingers I think I just might get there. 

I must also face an unfortunate reality if I really want to get faster.  That reality being I am quite a ways from ideal running weight.  One chart said I should weigh 102 lbs!  102!  I think the last time I weighed that I was in elementary school.  I don't know if I would be faster at 102 lbs but I am a pretty sure I wouldn't have to worry about menstruating.  That is a ridiculous weight and I think that it is a dangerous recommendation.  But I can't deny that losing some weight does help with speed and at some point I am going to be as fast as I can be at my current weight.  So I have to either be fine with my current speed or stop stealing my daughter's potty training treats. . .and going to Starbucks so often. . .and mindlessly snacking. . .and so on and so forth.  Hmmm, maybe slow isn't so bad?

Slow isn't bad, but I want to be faster so I am going to try to remove some of the junk from my trunk.  I think I now have a great plan to go from this
to this


  1. what a great job on your run....I gotta get you here in Texas to motivate me on my mileage! Ha!

    Keep up the AWESOME work!!!

  2. I am going to be in Texas again at Christmas, but it will be in Austin. I will just have to be your long distance cheerleader. I think you just need to wait until it cools down which will hopefully be soon. I know that my brother said you guys were at 70 days over 100. Brutal and the worst running weather in my opinion. I would rather run in a blizzard!!