Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ditching the Cape

This morning I went for a run, got the family dressed and to church on time, mowed the lawn, did the dishes, and shaved my legs.  Whoa, someone grab me a cape because I am supermom.

Ok, not really.  But I have been feeling sub par all summer long and I am going to celebrate the small victories.  It seems like I have been having trouble juggling all the things I need/want to get done in life.  I don't have it all together which leads me to ask, does any mom have it "all together?"  Can anyone, in all honesty, say they are supermom??

I went to Wikipedia (because it is like totally accurate, right?) and found that Supermom does not exist, yet all us moms are trying to be her.  We are trying to be this mythical Supermom who:
*has perfectly behaved children (fail)
*has a spotlessly clean, organized house (super fail)
*is a wonderful cook who creates healthy, delicious meals that you don't have to bribe your children (or husband) to eat (FAIL!!!!)
*a perfect body (fail-unless "sturdy" is sweeping the runways this year)
*creates wonderful projects and games for her perfectly behaved children (does "find mommy's keys" count as a game??)
*attends to her husbands every need (yeah right)
*always looks put together (Fail! Showers are viewed as a luxury around here and my blow dryer has been severely neglected.)
*is president of the PTA, team mom, class mom, and carpool queen (fail)

I think (unless you are currently taking amphetamines) that nobody can live up to the impossible standards that moms tend to place on themselves.  Having it all means doing it all, and I don't know too many people who can keep that up for long.  I am realizing that I need to pick and choose what is important to me and my family and ditch the whole idea of achieving the impossible (to be honest I wasn't ever trying real hard for the whole clean house and good cook thing).

So what are the important things to me?

Spending quality, fun time with my children before I return to work next year (well if Jeffco starts hiring teachers again).  The dishes and laundry and definitely the dust will always be there, but my kids are going to realize I am a huge dork pretty soon.  I will, at some point soon, be the last person they want to spend time with so I better take it while I can get it.

The other important thing to me is making fitness a part of my life.  Yes, it cuts into the day a bit.  Sometimes the house is a bigger mess because I choose to spend time at the gym or running or cycling.  Maybe a "supermom" would choose mopping over sweating, but I am interested in avoiding type II diabetes not scuff marks.  At the end of the day being a healthy mom is so much more important.  I not only want to be the mom who keeps up with her kids, I want to be the mom who keeps up with her grandkids.

Here's to ditching the cape and embracing what matters the most to you!


  1. cute blog! I agree with you on your post. If I actually attempted to do all the things I thought were required of being a "good mom" I'd probably go crazy. I just can't do it all. But, I agree that if you pick the ones that are most important you are good to go. Nothing is fun with perfection anywhoo...

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  2. love this! Sometimes I find myself doing "busy work" instead of taking advantage of quality time with my boys...I have totally tried to make the most of my time at home with them and if I ever go back to teaching, I want to know that I made the most of our moments at home! SO TRUE that we all try to be SUPERMOM!!! I know that we all deserve that title at some point...we all try to accomplish the impossible for OUR families!!!

    Thanks for the tri tips! We'll see how I can make that swim practice work...