Saturday, August 6, 2011

Name Change

I have not been getting along with sippy cups lately.  We've been having our differences and I think it is time they made their exit from our lives.  Since I am no longer on speaking terms with them, it seems that my blog title needs to make a change as well.  So out with "Sweat and Sippy Cups" and in with "Will Race for Carbs." 

Why did I pick this title?  Well really I think I like racing so much because of the guilt free carbo loading you get to do before hand.  I am a (kinda unsuccessful) recovering carb addict and before races is usually the only time I let myself eat lots of carbs (without remorse).  I don't think any food should be "off limits" but I also think you shouldn't only eat one food group (which is what I would do if I could!).  So since my Junior year of college the only times I let loose have been pregnancy and pre-race (um, no wonder I sign up for everything!).

Here is some evidence of what happens to me when I don't restrict myself.  You are looking at me 9 months pregnant.  That is 7 pounds of baby and none of your business pounds of bagels and pasta.

So this morning I enjoyed a wonderful bagel and just told myself that it was part of training (a totally yummy part).  Tonight I am thinking spaghetti.  Ah, I love racing!!

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  1. hahaha, LOVE THIS POST! SO true. I believe I have a carb addiction and once it starts, it won't stop. I blame my Italian heritage, where EVERYTHING goes with bread! Yummy, baked bread is my weakness, can ya tell?! I can't even let it in the house!!!!!